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REVIEW: "How Do You Love?" By The Regrettes is an adventure into the Roller Coaster of love emotions

Are you in love? Do you feel it in your stomach?

Does it twist and turn and scream and burn and start to make you cry, but you like it? Don't want to let it slip away.

Does it stretch into your throat until you don’t know what to say?

Does it hold you under its pillow in the night? It kills you with its passion and its endless beam of light. When you see yourself in the future, frail and gray, who do you want beside you when you wake to start your day?

Yeah, it's extreme. I know what you're gonna say I’m being too dramatic, but this feeling feels this way.

Are you in love? Do you feel it in your spine? Shaking, waking, tearing, breaking, taking its sweet time. But you want it. Yeah, you need it just to breathe. You're never sure of what trick it's pulling from its sleeve. If you said yes to all the things above, then yes, my friend, I'm sorry, it appears you are in love."

- Are You in Love?, The Regrettes

Frontwoman Lydia Night's voice echoes in these first verses on the intro song Are You in Love?, to showcase to the listener some of her fondest memories of love, which is the main theme of the band's sophomore album. Besides being a common topic to write about, the group manages to bring their new tracks in a very creative way, embracing some clichés and accepting the challenge of delivering 15 love songs about the variety of shapes and situations of romantic affairs.

Unafraid to risk and fall into sameness, the quartet explores rhythms of several decades. We can see influences on the first Beatles albums, but also, mostly because of Night's imposing voice, there is a lot of Runaways, Blondie and Gwen Stefani in How Do You Love?. For the older The Regrettes fans, there is nothing to be afraid of: Green Day-inspired pop-punk is still there, although more attenuated by their new influences.

Lead single I Dare You works well as the album's flagship. The song carries the many uncertainties and insecurities commonly seen in people that are romantically involved to someone, accompanied by a simple, colorful, playfully choreographed music video, with excellent camera movements. California Friends was the second single released, slightly weaker than the first one, but still supported by a catchy chorus.

Coloring Book brings in its lyrics the yearnings and idealizations of a potential romance, and it is bold to assume without hesitation the fussiness that a passionate mind can have, as it describes in the quote: “I want us to walk together on the beach, no matter how cheesy as it sounds.” The lack of drums in almost the whole song contributes to arrange an intimate atmosphere, giving it a certain feeling of a serenade.

The apex of the album comes with Stop and Go and Dress Up. Both have a faster beat than the previous songs, and also detach from that idealistic aura that we saw in them, after all, every relationship has its ups and downs. With this sudden change of approach, we start realizing that the album's narrative follows in a chronological order. Stop and Go talks about regrets and past failures in relationships, while Dress Up, the band's third single released, addresses the internal conflict between wants and needs in an already worn relationship. On the other hand, Go Love You is a anthem of self-acceptance and empowerment: an very well-executed ode to independence of the California quartet.

Speaking as someone who grew up watching 90s and 2000s movies, listening to this album can also be associated with the teen classic films, and also to some iconic movie characters: Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) from 10 Things I Hate About You, and Anna Coleman (Lindsay Lohan) from Freaky Friday, wherever they are now, surely are listening to How Do You Love? in their playlists. As we mentioned earlier, some of the arrangements follow a 60's vibe, like we heard in Pumpkin, and automatically transports us to a school prom scene in some movie we have seen on Netflix. With very sincere lyrics, How Do You Love? is the portrait of the human being in their most vulnerable form: in love.

SCORE: 72/100


Check out The Regrettes' sophomore album, How Do You Love? below:

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